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PAKAR’s Capacity Building Assistance to Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)

ByRedaksi PAKAR

Mar 28, 2013

Through our capacity building assistance to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), we pursue three main lines of effort:

  • Providing positive alternatives to those most at-risk of recruitment into violent extremism.
  • Undermining the Al Qaeda ideology that glorifies violence.
  • Increasing our partner NGOs in order to stem terrorist recruitment.

To address the factors that create conditions conducive to recruitment and radicalization, our capacity building assistance provides NGOs with the knowledge and skills required to provide positive alternatives to the Indonesian populations found to be most at-risk of embracing radicals’ and terrorists’ violent worldviews. These include trainings related to interfaith and intercultural tolerance program, youth development programs, and skills training. To counter radicals’ and terrorists’ propaganda, our assistance helps NGOs amplifies local voices that undercut radicals’ and terrorists’ legitimacy.

To build the capacity of the NGOs, our assistance engages with partner NGOs to develop, support, manage and evaluate counter-radicalization plans and to identify research gaps. Our assistance also focuses on helping the NGOs’ ability to disengage incarcerated violent extremists from terrorism and to prevent prisons from becoming venues for the propagation of violent extremism.

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