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We create a national database on terrorism and radicalism. It is a one-stop repository for information on the current and emerging terrorist threats in Indonesia. The database focuses on terrorism and political violence in Indonesia.

Our national database is an integrated database containing complete profiles of terrorist groups, key terrorist individuals, terrorist incidents and counter-terrorist operations. It also contains full profiles of significant terrorist attacks coupled with specific details and analyses. It also has a collection of primary documents that are recovered, translated and analysed by our researchers.

In addition to providing the latest information on terrorist attacks and profiles, our national database also includes terrorist training manuals, counter terrorism legislations and conventions, analytical papers on terrorist ideologies, commentaries on terrorist trends and patterns, transcripts of interviews with terrorists as well as photographs from different conflict zones across Indonesia. Moreover, our national database also has a large collection of jihadi websites, whose contents are translated and analysed by our analysts. This analysis helps develop an understanding of the developments in the ideological spectrum and trajectory of the terrorist threat.