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PAKAR trains NGOs in Counter Radicalism

ByRedaksi PAKAR

Feb 4, 2013

PAKAR builds the capacity of Indonesian non-governmental organizations in countering radicalism. PAKAR does not only provide them with the research findings on Indonesian radical groups, but it also trains them in mapping the group and countering the group’s campaign on radicalism.

The NGOs whom PAKAR has helped includes the Wahid Institute (TWI), Abdurrahman Wahid Centre, AKASYAH Foundation and The Institute of Education and Human Resource Development (LPPSDM). Here are the samples of events in which PAKAR helped the NGOs.

  1. In September 2011 PAKAR trained the staff of LPPSDM in mapping Indonesian radical groups. On 29-31 March 2012 PAKAR also helped them train

    government officials and society leaders in counter radicalism at a three day seminar on radicalism and terrorism prevention. The seminar entitled ‘Training of Trainer in Anti Radicalism and Terrorism as a Way to Prevent Radicalism and Terrorism’, was organized by the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) and LPPSDM at Sahid Kusuma Hotel in Solo, Central Java.

  2. On 11 May 2011 PAKAR trained young leaders in West Java in countering radicalism in a ‘Training of Trainer in Anti Terrorism’. The training was held at Bale Swala Hall in Purwakarta in cooperation with the AKASYAH Foundation and BNPT.
  3. On 24-25 July 2012 PAKAR trained government officials and society leaders in mapping Indonesian radical groups and countering their propaganda. The training was held at Swiss Bell Hotel in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. It was given to the participants for the Wahid Institute, as part of its program in establishing BNPT’s Forum Komunikasi Penanggulangan Terorisme (the Communication Forum for Terrorism Prevention/FKPT).

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