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Densus 88

Disbanding of Detachment 88

On 22 March 2013 hundreds of radical members from JAT, GAMIS and GARIS in East Java staged a demonstration demanding the disbanding of Detachment...
Situasi penggerebekan rumah kontrakan terduga teroris di di Gang H Hasan, Jalan KH Dewantoro, RT/ RW 04/07, Kelurahan Sawah, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan, Rabu (1/1/2014).

Radicals Support for Ciputat Slain Terrorists

A video supporting the six Ciputat slain terrorists appeared on youtube, posted by Jaka Lelana. The video was also published through GASHIBU Facebook group...
The Funeral Procession of Ustadz Zaenuri, the Martyr--a Victim of Deradicalization Program and Terrorism

Anti Deradicalization Program Campaign

A youtube account user named pojokarena350 who is a supporter of Mujahidin Indonesia Barat (MIB) uploaded a video depicting the funeral of the slain...

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