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Report Of Online Radicalisation

The Funeral Procession of Ustadz Zaenuri, the Martyr--a Victim of Deradicalization Program and Terrorism

Anti Deradicalization Program Campaign

A youtube account user named pojokarena350 who is a supporter of Mujahidin Indonesia Barat (MIB) uploaded a video depicting the funeral of the slain...
Densus 88

Disbanding of Detachment 88

On 22 March 2013 hundreds of radical members from JAT, GAMIS and GARIS in East Java staged a demonstration demanding the disbanding of Detachment...
Radicalization Via Facebook

Radicalization Via Facebook

This video was uploaded by a facebook acount user named Supatmi Patmi in a facebook group called Al Mustaqbal on 8 March 2013. It features...

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